Stop Spam Calls and Text on your phone

starting from $2.99

Detect spammers

NUMBERCOP blocks (Android, Blackberry) and alerts (iPhone) known spam numbers automatically. It is powered by NUMBERCOP's Phone Spam Index which tracks thousands of spamming phone numbers and text programs for the area where you live.

Lookup numbers

NUMBERCOP specializes in detecting soliciting and fraudulent numbers, such as phone and text scams, billing fraud schemes, phishing calls and robocalls. Use NUMBERCOP to find relevant information before you pick up a call or reply to a text message.

Report violators

Similar to spam filtering for emails NUMBERCOP uses a combination of in-house spam research and user reports for phone spam filtering. With NUMBERCOP you can join us fighting phone spam and report new spam easily and anonymously.


Featured News

  • NUMBERCOP's Jan Volzke has been selected as a winner of FTC's Robocall Hackathon "Zapping Rachel" at this year's DEF CON convention in Las Vegas. Learn more.
  • Check out the new NUMBERCOP app for iPhone and iPad today. Introducing spam call and text blocking with iOS7, Sender ID detection and 11 new languages.